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about photo“Hey. Headphone girl. What time’s that meeting?” is how it all started. I was working at a very big-brother type company and was excellent at keeping my head down to escape killing myself with too much work. I’m not exaggerating, that’s the incentive they gave us for taking control of our schedule… so we didn’t “kill ourselves” during busy season. Part of my strategy was to be plugged in whenever possible. Music carried me through my day, it’s always been my sanctuary. And it was a pretty good strategy since the dude behind me didn’t know my name and called me headphone girl instead. I’ve since escaped that company and now I’ve got something to say. Lots to say, in fact, and I’m done keeping my head down. These are my thoughts and concerns and I’m sharing them in the hopes of greater awareness that will ultimately lead to much more love throughout life. – Elle

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